Cuvage Alta Langa DOCG  2017

Cuvage Alta Langa DOCG 2017


Sparkling Wine

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Sight: the color is a straw yellow with golden highlights demonstrating a very fine and persistent perlage. Olfactory: the nose reveals the classic aromas of bread crust as well as a mineral note that hints at flint. As the wine acclimates to the glass, the character of the cuvée emerges, conveying yellow fruit, currant, delicate wisteria, and slightly roasted hazelnuts. Taste: this wine is crisp, savory, structured and fresh.

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It is recommended to go against the grain with this one, combining it with main courses, preferably raw meats, tempura, seafood, and vegetables with intense flavor. White truffle and aged cheeses are always welcome

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  • Cuvage

    Cuvage was founded in Acqui Terme in 2011, in the province of Alessandria, a territory world famous for Italian sparkling wine. Cuvée and perlage are two key elements in the making of sparkling wine. It is from their liaison Cuvage was born. Proud of its Piemonte origin, the focus is on native grapes like Nebbiolo and Cortese, complemented by international varieties. Cuvage was founded to emphasize a unique terroir and to honor the cradle of premium Italian sparkling wines.

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  • Piedmont

    Piedmont is a diverse region with many microclimates. Monferrato Area, in the Province of Asti and Alessandria, is one of the most famous grape-growing areas of Piedmont, and recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The soil consists of calcareous and limestone, resulting in fresh, fruity wines with a unique minerality.

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  • Pinot Nero

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Cuvage Alta Langa DOCG  2017

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The vineyards are located on the hilly ridge that follows Strevi to Castino; areas located at an altitude between 250 and 450 meters above the sea level. The soils that characterize our Cuvée can be defined as an amalgam of gray-whitish marl with a strong limestone component. The vineyards located in the Sessame area benefit from the continuous ventilation of the “Marino”, a wind that blows from the Ligurian coast and gives the fruit a distinctive complexity.

80% Pinot Nero & 20% Chardonnay


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