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4 Dishes that Pair Excellently with Red Wine

When you were younger, the chances are that you would typically elect to go for white wine; the reason for this is because it was lighter, and carried with it a slightly fruity flavour. However, as the years have gone on, it could be that you have started to discover everything that red wine has to offer. In order to get the most of this, you have to make sure that you have the right food to pair it with. Here to offer you some insight into the dishes that could be worth trying, are the Gardabani experts. 


If you have ever had the opportunity to sample duck in a prestigious restaurant, you will have likely noticed that it was cooked and served in a red wine sauce – there is a very good reason for this. Duck, for the most part, is one of the sweeter meats out there; although it might not seem like it, the heavier notes that stem from red wine complement this excellently. Add some roasted vegetables into the mix, and you are left with a course that is fit for a king. 

Roasted Lamb

From the moment that you catch the scent of lamb being cooked in the oven, we promise that you will be overcome by primal urges. This is a meat unlike any other; whilst some would say that it carries a gamey flavor, we beg to differ. What we are sure you will appreciate is the way in which lamb can be enhanced by the introduction of red wine. To truly produce a spectacular dish, we recommend having an assortment of black fruits on the side to garnish. 


At first glance, you might think that sausages are a little too-common to be served with red wine. Unfortunately, it is this line-of-thinking that will cause you to miss-out on a succulent meal that will leave you feeling full and content. Provided that you do your research on the wine regions that are most-notable for their reds, you should not encounter much trouble when it comes to unearthing a red wine that offers a sensational delight. Mash potato, for those that are interested, is also a side dish that will be to your liking. 


This is perhaps the most iconic type of food that you can have alongside a glass full to the brim with red wine. As soon as you walk into a first-class steakhouse, you will be greeted to the sight of rack-upon-rack of red wine bottles. Despite carrying a hefty price-tag, the two of these together will form a formidable partnership. To finish off this meal in the best way possible, a side of chunky chips would certainly not go amiss. 

What Can We Offer You? 

Now that you are starting to familiarise yourself with the fantastic meals that you could potentially serve with a delicious red wine, it is important that you take the necessary time to source a bottle that is agreeable with you. Some of you might think that a full-bodied wine is the best, whilst others may adopt the stance that a lighter red is better. Regardless of the category that you fall into, one thing is for certain. 

If you entrust Gardabani, you will be totally satisfied. We take great pride in selling high-end Italian red wine online at affordable prices. Those of you that take the time to peruse through our collection will quickly discover that we have no equals in this department. Feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] if you have any questions.