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Il Gusto della Costa Limoncello 700ML

Il Gusto della Costa Limoncello 700ML


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The King of Limoncello

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The King of Limoncello (c) Gennaro Contaldo as seen on Jamie Oliver TV Show

This artisan limoncello has lovely yellow colour, pleasant scent, and it feels very fresh in the mouth with a very persistent taste.

How to serve it:

It is recommended to drink it cold and not frozen.

Pairs well with:

Delicious on its own. Perfect on ice cream, fruit salad and also pairs well with pastry products.

About this product

  • Il Gusto Della Costa

    Il Gusto Della Costa is the first Limoncello producer in Positano owned by Valentino Esposito. He is often called as the King of Limoncello and makes Limoncello with the finest citruses, harvested at the right time on the Amalfi Coast and processed by using traditional methods which enhance their aroma and scent. Il Gusto Della Costa is an experience and Valentino's products  allows you enjoy the precious yellow gold of the Amalfi Coast, which is Lemon!

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  • Positano

    It is thought that the coast between Reggio and Gaeta is the most beautiful part of Italy, in which close to Salerno, is a Costa above 'the sea, called by the locals call The Amalfi Coast, with little towns , gardens and fountains .... "Boccaccio (Decameron)"

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Il Gusto della Costa Limoncello 700ML

Product Details

IL Gusto della Costa Limoncello is an excellent digestive made by infusing the zest of juicy organic Positano lemons. Bright yellow colour, pleasantly scented, in the mouth it shows a fresh, decisive and very persistent taste.

“The love for the genuine things that my grandparents have handed down to me are the basis of my products.”



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