Kensei Japanese Whisky

Kensei Japanese Whisky


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Cocoa and young trees, full-bodied palate, tropical fruit and white flowers notes.

How to serve it:

A balance which can be perceived through the nose and is characterized by seductive notes of freshly cut blooms, dried fruit and a hint of oak. Pleasant on the palate with a smooth structure as velvet and notes of sweet spices. The finish is long, warm and fruity.

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Kensei Japanese Whisky

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Some say that it is because of the climate, together with Japanese lifestyle, that the flavor of Japanese whiskies is so distinctie. The most seductive distillates for a balance, gentle and sophisticated taste, the result of a wide range of fermentation and distillation processes. Kensei perfectly represents these parameters, being a blend of Japanese prestigious whiskies matured in small oak barrels in a tiny village between Kanagawa and the mountains of Nagano.


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