Summer Special Wines

Highlighting the Countries that are Famous For Producing First-Class Wine

When you are trying to broaden your horizons and get to grips with wines that are exceptional in terms of quality, it is important that you look to familiarise yourself with the countries that have a reputation for producing high-end wines. Although you may need to spend a little extra money, you can be rest-assured that you will be thankful that you invested in the long-run. Thanks to the years that we have spent in this industry, you can trust Gardabani to offer some specialist insight into the nations which you can entrust your wine needs to, without having to fear being on the receiving end of poor results.


Speak to any retailer that claims to deal solely in first-class wines and they will tell you that there are few options that are quite on the same level as those which come from Italy. Whilst we cannot say that you are guaranteed the perfect tipple on each-and-every occasion, this is a relatively safe bet. This is a country that has demonstrated the ability to produce spectacular wine and spirits for many years, and there is no indication that they are going to slow down. Many award-winning bottles come from the vineyards situated in Italy, and this is testimony to their winemakers’ proficiency.


For many people, France is the first country to turn towards when trying to discover wine that is delicious. When you crack open a bottle of French wine, you can enjoy the fact that each-and-every sip will have you fully satisfied. Whether you decide to try one of their dry variants, or prefer to experiment with one of the bottles that are designed to be paired with desserts, it does not matter. All that matters is that your experience is impeccable from start to finish. You should also note that there are plenty of first-class red wines that originate from France’s vineyards.


When you first learn that people in the UK are starting to stock Georgian wine at their homes, you might be a little bit surprised. However, upon closer inspection, you will see that there is a method to the madness. The flavours that Georgian winemakers have mastery over are certainly not to be overlooked. If you have a preference for white wine that features a wide-array of grape varieties, your search can end here.

Prospective Bottles

If you are starting your journey towards purchasing online wine, allow us to offer you a couple of suggestions about bottles that could potentially pique your interest. From Italy, provided that you have the necessary funds, the Cuvage Alta Langa 2017 could be an option which becomes a firm-favourite of yours. Should you think that the time has come to give Georgia a chance, you and the rest of your social circle are bound to fall in love with Chateau Svanidze Mukuzani 2017.

A Quick Introduction to Gardabani

Have you been entertaining the idea of placing an order for Georgian wine in the UK, but have yet to find a retailer that can meet your requirements? Do you want to ensure that the fine wine that you purchase from an online retailer is nothing short of high-quality? If these scenarios sound familiar to you, the firm that you need to turn-to for assistance is none-other than Gardabani. 

Unlike other wine shops, we strive to pair fantastic wines with affordable prices. Should you find yourself intrigued about finding out more regarding our wine importing capabilities, the number that you need to call is 0207 101 0669. We cannot wait to hear from you in the near future.