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Why Choose Georgian Wine?

When it comes to winemaking, Georgia has a significant advantage. With more than eight thousand years of history, they have managed to perfect their winemaking, allowing them to create a diverse range of wines that will satisfy every palate. Many vineyards across the country have continued to use their traditional winemaking methods using clay jars to help create the flavours that are unique to the area. This really does make it the ideal choice for your table, whether you’re planning a dinner party, an afternoon celebration or you just want a glass to unwind at the weekend.

Here at Gardabani Wines, we adore Georgian wines and we’re so excited to share the delicious flavours with you. Being able to find a range of delightful wines in one place makes it so convenient for you and we’ll even deliver your choices straight to your door with free delivery on orders over £100. If you’re looking to step into the wonderful world of Georgian wine, our website is the ideal place for you to start.

Why is Georgian Wine Suitable for so Many Palates?

Did you know that there are more than 430 indigenous grape varieties in Georgia alone? This means that the wines they produce are naturally diverse. This means that they are producing different flavours and textures that will duly satisfy all wine drinkers. The general desire of many vignerons to produce more of the old varieties of grapes has really pushed the boundaries of their wine production, helping to create something really special. If you’re looking for a wine that is unique and quite different to the French and Italian wines that you’re used to, Georgian wine will certainly be of interest to you.

One of the traditional winemaking techniques in Georgia is the Qvevri, a clay jar that helps to characterise the flavour, colour and aroma of the wine. This is one of the many reasons why Georgian wines have a reputation for such delightful flavours. The shape of the vessels is really beneficial because it is formed in a pointed cone. This means the sediment from the grapes will fall to the bottom of the vessel, separating itself from the skins and the rest of the wine. Maintaining the Qvevri at a natural temperature also helps to create the optimal fermentation, creating the most delicious flavours and the most velvety tannins. 

What Flavours Can you Expect?

One of the main reasons that Georgian wine is so popular is the range of delicious flavours that you can enjoy. The different types of grapes and the slow fermentation process helps to create the taste and textures that our customers enjoy. Here at Gardabani Wines, we stock a delightful selection of flavours, including some fantastic Saperavi Muscat with a delightful black pepper and blackberry flavour. 

Many Georgian wines bring out delightful fruity notes, which makes them really popular among many wine drinkers, particularly for those looking for something sweeter and citrusy. Cherry, mulberry, raspberry and blackberry are popular undertones, particularly for red wines and rosés. Apricots and citrus flavours are really popular for white wines, though honey and nutty overtones are also a really popular choice. Knowing that you have these different flavour choices can make it easy to find the right wine choices for your palate. And to make it really easy for you, we’ve listed all of the wines available at our store with flavour profiles, so you know what to expect with each bottle of wine. We’ll even help you pair them with just the right foods.

If you have any questions about Georgian wine, then feel free to give us a call on +44 20 7101 0669. We can offer you any advice you need to pick the right wine for you and help you place your first order. So don’t hesitate to call us because we’re happy to help.