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This intense dark ruby wine is adorned with sophisticated aro- mas of blackberry, black pepper and sour cherry. The beauty of the wine is especially emphasized by its impeccable balance of higher acidity, full body and prolonged velvety finish.

Pairs well with:

Grilled meats, juicy steaks or portabello mushroom.

About this product

  • Askaneli

    The name “Askaneli” is associated with the small, magical village of Askana, located in the beautiful region of Guria, where the old cellar, built by their ancestor – Antimoz Chkhaidze still stands. Antimoz and his whole family was in love with vine and the divine fluid obtained from the grapes. They made their wine according to the old Georgian method, indigenously in clay vessels - called Qvevri. All members of the family were involved in this activity, especially the grandchildren who hosted guests with clay Jugs and little terracotta cups. Antimoz Chkhaidze's cellar and several pitchers dating back to 1880 are still preserved in the village of Askana.

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  • Kakheti Region

    In the eastern part of Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Caucasus, lies the Kakheti region; a particularly dry area of Georgia with dark-coloured red-ish iron rich soil where location and climatic conditions play an essential role in the terroir. Vineyards are cultivated at an altitude of 250-800 meters above sea level, with either humid subtropical or continental climates dominating local microclimates. The combination of dry air from the Caspian Sea coupled with moist air masses drifting in from the Black Sea and cool downdrafts sliding off the mountains creates a unique oenological landscape like no other.

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  • Saperavi

    Saperavi is a noble red grape variety from Georgia. It is the flagship red grape and has red juice as well as red skins and it makes wines that are inky, often fully opaque. It’s a grape of incredible character, balancing refreshing acidity  with astonishing energetic force in the mouth. Saperavi is dark ruby wine that is endowed with a noble balance of black- berry, black pepper and sour cherry aromas.

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Product Details

Saperavi Qvevri from Askaneli is red wine from the legendary grape variety of the same name, prepared in an earthen vessel – Qvevri  according to traditional Georgian methods. This wine brilliantly conveys the main merits of this unique grape, its divine power and light energy, creating a diversity of aromas, rich tannins, higher acidity, full body and prolonged velvety finish.

Our staff takes great care of the Saperavi vineyards. The harvest time is carefully chosen and mature and healthy bunches are selected, all under the supervision of our chief winemaker. It has become possible to create the wine that is perfectly balanced and rich in aromas.

Aging: 6 months in qvevri, 6 months in bottles


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