Guerriero Del Mare 2019

Guerriero Del Mare 2019


White Wine

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Deep scents and taste of aromatic herbs like melissa and rosemary, white and yellow flowers, peach, passion fruit and pick rose. Elegant minerality, rockiness, saltiness and freshness tasting of Mediterrean Lemon. A beatifull persistence.

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Excellent with seafood, white meat, cheese and truffles

About this product

  • Guerrieri

    "With the same look and the same smile, five generations dedicated to nature, land and man”. Founded in the late 1800, Guerrieri is leaded from the 5th generation and located in Marche region "The Heart of Italy. The proprety is extended across 207 hectares of land that has been dedicated to the cultivation of grapevines (57 ha), olives (35 ha) and cereals (90 ha). Guerrieri is an all-round Agricultural Company specialized in the production of wines, extra-virgin olive oils, artisian pasta and honey. Our team vision is to “Give back the dignity to the agricultural world”. The Farm is fully and exclusively powered by solar energy.

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  • Marche

    Located at an altitude of 230 m a.s.l. ; the Guerrieri vineyard lies in the top of Guerrieri Hill. The Hill is in the eastern bank of the historical Metauro Riever, at a distance of 10 km from the Adriatic Sea and 40 Km from the Appenino Mountain. The formation of the soil consists of grayish calcareous mud, which turns light blue just a few meters deep. The vegetative soil is predominantly silty clay loam. The Vineyard is the most exposed to the local winds and breath the Mediterrean Mild and harmonious climate, with important thermal excursions.

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  • Bianchello

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Guerriero Del Mare 2019

Product Details

Grapes: Ancient Bianchello Grape

Grapes are left in the vineyard for around one month from the maturation point. We obtain an overripe in the vineyard thanks to the sun and the constant wind that blow from the sea. Losing around the 30% of the grapes weight the density of the fruitness raised up. Manual grapes harvest in cassetts, Short skin maceration, vinification in white after cold static decantation and thermo-controlled fermentation. A part of the wine is fermented and aged in wooden barrels.


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