Marchese Col Fondo Ancient Ancestral Italian Wine

Marchese Col Fondo Ancient Ancestral Italian Wine


White Wine

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Unfiltered, Natural, Pétillant

A light persistent effervescence characterises this wine. An intense straw-yellow, with faint green highlights, it has a complex bouquet, with fruity notes accompanying floral tones. The flavour is fresh and lively, pleasantly citrus.

Pairs well with:

Goes well with finger food, sushi and light meals

About this product

  • Marchese Luca Spinola

    Andrea Spinola, the heir to the vineyards owned by the family in the area for centuries, decided to leave a corporate career with a multinational company in Milan and go back to his roots, to the region where he grew up and which he has always loved. The Marchese Luca Spinola vineyards are located in a particularly favourable area, 200 metres above sea level, whose unique exposure ensures the vines receive sunlight all year round. The excellence of the grapes means no ingredients need to be sourced from outside the production area. Situated in Piedmont, the Italian region that produces the best wines in the world, the Gavi area enjoys a special microclimate: just the right distance from the sea, backed by the mountains, pure air and a light breeze.

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  • Piedmont

    Piedmont is a diverse region with many microclimates. Monferrato Area, in the Province of Asti and Alessandria, is one of the most famous grape-growing areas of Piedmont, and recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The soil consists of calcareous and limestone, resulting in fresh, fruity wines with a unique minerality.

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  • Cortese

    The Cortese di Gavi grape is a native variety from 1630, which grows only in Alessandria in Piedmont of Italy and used to make GAVI wine. It is one of northern Italy's finest white grape varieties. In 1998 it won one of the most sought-after international acknowledgements when it was awarded DOCG controlled and guaranteed designation of origin certification. The flavour of Cortese is harmonious, fresh, pleasant, lively in the mouth.

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Marchese Col Fondo Ancient Ancestral Italian Wine

Product Details

Don’t be deceived by the wine’s typical cloudy appearance: simply try it to be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected, medium dry flavour with a slight sparkle, a perfect accompaniment to every course of a meal as well as a delicious aperitif.

  • Ancient Ancestral Method
  • Non-Filtrato
  • Limited Batches of 1,000 bottles


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