Mosketto White

Mosketto White


Semi-Sparkling Wine

Semi-Sweet Fizzy Wine

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Fresh, Vibrant, Spunky

Nose is a mix of scents of fresh fruits, rose petals and white flowers. Fizzy and refreshing sweetness.

Pairs well with:

Perfect as aperitif, matches with fruit salads or pastries

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  • Mosketto

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  • Piedmont

    Piedmont is a diverse region with many microclimates. Monferrato Area, in the Province of Asti and Alessandria, is one of the most famous grape-growing areas of Piedmont, and recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The soil consists of calcareous and limestone, resulting in fresh, fruity wines with a unique minerality.

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Mosketto White

Product Details

Mosketto is the product of the most renowned, aromatic grape varieties from the Piedmont region in north-western Italy. It is produced locally, by naturally fermenting the high-quality and aromatic grapes, to give Mosketto its pleasant bubbles.

Mosketto’s fizz, refreshing sweetness, balanced taste and low alcohol make it a smart, high-quality alternative to internationally acclaimed Moscato.


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