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White Wine

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Unusually intense and ageworthy, a delicious and distinctive wine

The wine presents itself with a light straw colour, with clear citrusy notes, and pleasant fresh tropical fruit aromas

How to serve it:


Pairs well with:

Fish, salads, light cheeses, shell fish

About this product

  • Chateau Svanidze

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  • Kakheti Region

    In the eastern part of Georgia, nestled in the foothills of the Caucasus, lies the Kakheti region; a particularly dry area of Georgia with dark-coloured red-ish iron rich soil where location and climatic conditions play an essential role in the terroir. Vineyards are cultivated at an altitude of 250-800 meters above sea level, with either humid subtropical or continental climates dominating local microclimates. The combination of dry air from the Caspian Sea coupled with moist air masses drifting in from the Black Sea and cool downdrafts sliding off the mountains creates a unique oenological landscape like no other.

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  • Rkatsiteli Wine

    In the heart of Kakheti region, near Signagi overlooking the great Caucasus Mountain range lies Château Svanidze, with over 100 hectares of organic vineyards. Exhibiting the delights of traditional Georgia with idyllic landscapes and seriously traditional winemaking, Chateau Svanidze are balancing their vinous stories, rich with the ancient culture of Georgian winemaking, with a modernity, bringing a uniqueness and approachability to their wines.

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Product Details

This award-winning wine is produced in limited quantities, with vines minimally cultivated; paying constant attention to preserving the natural biodiversity of Svanidze’s vineyards. This commitment is continued throughout all harmonic grape picking and processing routines with all of Svanidze’s wines combining traditionality and modernity. This wine is made according to European technology from the famous white grape variety of the same name and brings yet another unique and subtle taste that is characteristic of classic wines. The pro- nounced characteristic qualities of the grape variety give this drink a special appeal for wine lovers.


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