ROGER Extra Strong bitter

ROGER Extra Strong bitter


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Natural Amaro

Strong taste with citrus fruity hints, gentian and cinchona. Cheeky.

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  • Vecchio Magazine Doganalle

    Facts. From the pages of his diary. London 1888
    I went to London to conduct a market survey on liquors. After all, I was hoping to confront the British distiller masters, who enjoyed a centenary culture in terms of whiskey and gin distillation. I was also looking for excellent venues where to propose my product, with an advantage that not all other imported distillates had, the Anglo-Saxon name: Jefferson. I also wanted to bring a pleasant change, in those places where bitters were little well-known. Jefferson was immediately recognized by all as a liquor of remarkable quality, as to be nicknamed by some London bartenders as “Better Bitter”.

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ROGER Extra Strong bitter

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Mr. Roger’s Extra Strong bitter; the man also shipwrecked together with captain Jefferson and doctor Gil, it draws its inspiration from the character of its creator, austere and pungent towards those who didn’t respect nature.

No filtering nor adding artificial colourings, only the result of a careful selection of all botanicals of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, handcrafted to create a unique unconventional product, to the point that it provides the label “Tenere Sotto Banco” (keep under the counter). Roger is produced by infusion of botanicals selected in Calabria, including Bisignano bitter orange, Pellaro bergamot, PGI ROCCA Imperiale lemon, rhubarb and gentian.

  • Gluten-Free
  • 700ML


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