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VECCHIO MAGAZINE DOGANALLE "Abracadabra" Liqueur Case (6 Bottles)


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Award- Winning Italian Liqueur

Abracadabra is a captivating liqueur hailing from Calabria and crafted by Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, boasts a wonderfully rich liquorice essence. Its profound liquorice profile makes it an ideal choice for a delightful post-dinner digestif.

About this product

  • Vecchio Magazine Doganalle

    Facts. From the pages of his diary. London 1888
    I went to London to conduct a market survey on liquors. After all, I was hoping to confront the British distiller masters, who enjoyed a centenary culture in terms of whiskey and gin distillation. I was also looking for excellent venues where to propose my product, with an advantage that not all other imported distillates had, the Anglo-Saxon name: Jefferson. I also wanted to bring a pleasant change, in those places where bitters were little well-known. Jefferson was immediately recognized by all as a liquor of remarkable quality, as to be nicknamed by some London bartenders as “Better Bitter”.

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  • Calabria

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